Blues and Chutney, Usa River, Tanzania

Blues and Chutney has always been a popular stop for adventurers on their way or from Mt. Kilimanjaro. However, situated very conveniently between Arusha and Kilimanjaro International Airport, Blues and Chutney is so much more than just a stop. We live in a period where modern finishes and technology tend to dictate the accommodation standards however, the traditional style that Blues and Chutney beholds is more unique and understatedly luxurious than the various newly built hotels and guesthouses down the road in Arusha.

Blues and Chutney is an old colonial house that was converted into the B&B that it is today: a quiet; quaint; beautifully furnished house that will make you feel at home, the moment you drive in the gate. Everything about it feels familiar; from the layout of the house to the warm inviting blanket clad sofas. The house is set on a 1-acre plot with lush, well-established gardens that surround the house and make the perfect setting for an outdoor meal, or a quiet place to read and relax.

The corridor to the rooms at Blues; one of the twin rooms at Blues

Though a traditional B&B, Blues and Chutney does not compromise on the services that we all expect from modern day accommodation, such as Wi-Fi, healthy meals…These amenities and services coupled with an experienced, attentive and well-trained staff ensures that you have a comfortable stay at Blues, and if you don’t want to leave the property on your stay, you don’t have to.

Like a home, the kitchen is open and accessible to all guests. If you want to cook your own food you are more than welcome to, or you can assist in preparing your food with the chef of the house, making you feel all the more at home.

The dining room, ready for an evening meal

It’s easy to get very comfortable at Blues and Chutney, but if you do want to explore all there is to see and do around Usa River, you will not be disappointed. Along with the various local craft shops that you can visit, there is also Dolly Ranch down the road where you can take a game drive; Kili Golf has just opened, providing access to world class golfing facilities, Mt. Meru and Mt. Kilimanjaro, are also a short drive away.

Blues and Chutney!

Staying at Blues and Chutney is perfect for a visit down to Usa River and it’s environs. Ideally located, well priced and experience you will never forget will make sure you visit again and you’ll probably go home with ideas of what you want to see in your own house.

Next time you visit Arusha or Usa River, contact us for a booking at Blues and Chutney:

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