Kembu Cottages

The drive to Molo is a route I will always associate with the grueling ‘up-country’ run I used to have to do as a primary school student. The overwhelming feeling that the inevitable is minutes away, and that no excuse will turn the bus back towards Nairobi, still comes over me today. However, my last visit to the home of institutions such as Keringet Water and St. Andrews Turi, to name but a few, left me itching to get back and explore more – and it’s all thanks to Kembu Cottages on the beautiful Kenana Farm.

One of the beautiful Kembu Cottages

Kembu Cottages are beautiful, tastefully finished farm-stay cottages owned and operated by the family that own and continue to operate Kenana Farm. This means that you not only get to wake up in in a beautiful cottage on a functioning dairy and wheat farm, but you get to engage in whichever daily farm activities take your fancy. You are welcome to get involved in the various dairy activities, and there are tours of the farm that you can participate in. If the reason for your visit is simply to escape the city bustle and relax, Kenana Farm is tranquil and you are welcome to wander around at your leisure.

There is a wonderful restaurant near the cottages (on the farm) for use by cottage guests and any other visitors. The delicious menu uses as much farm produce as possible, ensuring you have fresh, healthy meals on a daily basis. Should you wish to prepare your own meals, the cottages all have self-catering capabilities. However, you should ensure you carry all of the necessary ingredients for your meals, and it’s always advisable to talk to Kembu about your meals before you travel.

Morning views across Kenana Farm

Andrew Nightingale, the owner of Kembu, is a very experienced and knowledgeable angler (fisherman) as well as farmer. For adventurous guests, Andrew can arrange a fly-fishing expedition to the rivers in the nearby Mau Forest to fish for the elusive Rainbow Trout that swim the rivers. Be sure to get in contact with Andrew prior to your visit to check if it’s the right time of year.

A four-hour drive from Nairobi (if you leave Nairobi early), Kembu is getaway that will leave you feeling refreshed, even if you can only get away for a night (though it’s always advisable to get away for two nights when driving around our beautiful country!).

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