The old Kapiti Ranch House

The Ranch House Pre-Renovations…

Kapiti Ranch is one of those hidden gems that we have all driven past on our way to Mombasa, but not much is known about the area, other than the police check right at the Kapiti turning. Kapiti Ranch is located just after Machakos if you’re driving from Nairobi. Bordering Konza Ranch, the Hopcrafts (which borders Nairobi National Park), Kapiti has an abundance of game, with its claim to fame being one of the few remaining Cheetah strongholds in the world.

Kapiti is the working ranch for the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) and is a fully functional ranch with hundreds of cattle,
goats and sheep, alongside the ever-present wildlife on the ranch. Tucked in amongst the livestock and wildlife is the original, charming ranch house that has survived the decades of wear and tear such places are exposed to.

The house is huge! Able to accommodate 15-20 people comfortably it oozes the aura of an old haunted ranch house. The house is littered with secret passageways and lots of little rooms filled with farm records dating back to the 1930’s. If only the walls could talk…

Though basic, the ranch house is well equipped for self-catered visits with staff on hand to assist with cleaning, making fires…There is a kitchen in the house and a big barbecue area on the lawns in front of the house, the perfect location to watch the sun set across the Athi and Lukenya plains whilst the barbecue sizzles into the night.

Views out across the Athi and Lukenya plains

Activities at Kapiti are in abundance however, you do need to be adventurous and have a slightly raised vehicle if you want to traverse the property. Game driving in the cool hours of the day will give you the opportunity to see some of the wildlife resident on Kapiti and if you’re lucky a predator might reveal itself. Along with game drives, there are many walking trails to explore and a few dams that are home to catfish, if you have the right tackle!

One of the dams on Kapiti

With all of its charm, the ranch house at Kapiti has grown tired and the cracks in this seemingly ever-present house have been widening for some time now. The house has just finished being renovated and I can’t wait to go back and see how they have improved the house.

Here is to hoping the charm of the haunted ranch house lives on!

The cows coming home

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