Off the beaten track

2015 has been a challenging but interesting year for travel and that has been no different in Kenya. World travel trends are changing across all sectors of the travel industry mainly due to the state of the ‘weakening’ global economy. The ability to travel is a privilege afforded to a few of us and the state of the world should not change that. It may mean we have to redefine our tastes, but all that really means is you get to explore new countries OR explore your own country from a whole different perspective. Continue reading “2015’s TOP 5 KENYAN DESTINATIONS”

Tranquil Tsavo East

The drive from Nairobi to Mombasa is long, even at the best of times. If you’re headed up to the North Coast (Kilifi, Watamu, Malindi or further north), doing the drive in a day is possible, but exhausting. Much like Tsavo West though, Tsavo East offers a welcome overnight stop on the long drive from Nairobi, and if you’re planning on visiting the North Coast the road through Tsavo East (from Voi) also gives you the option to continue onwards to Malindi directly from Tsavo East, away from the hustle and bustle of the Mombasa – Nairobi highway and ensures you avoid the Mariakani/Mombasa madness that can sometimes add a few hours onto your journey.

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Everyone associates Tsavo West with a hot, dry hostile place only for the seasoned outdoor enthusiast, but there is a whole lot more to discover. Tsavo West stretches down from the Nairobi-Mombasa road down to the Tanzanian border making it one of the biggest KWS National Parks in Kenya. Made famous by “The Ghost and The Darkness”, about the death of numerous railway workers in 1898 who worked on the stretch of rail that passed through Tsavo West. The infamous Maneater lions of Tsavo killed many rail workers, and ever since Tsavo West has been associated with the unknown terror of the Kenyan bush.

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