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Both Tsavo West and Tsavo East are under a huge amount of pressure from all aspects. Making up the largest of Kenya’s National Parks, neither of the parks are fenced which means pastoralists often graze their cattle in the parks (and often poach bush meat to sustain themselves). The development of Kenya’ s infrastructure has not accounted for the movement of our game and therefore the new Standard Gauge Railway and Pipeline threatens to block migratory game corridors between Tsavo West and Tsavo East. There are large agricultural projects that border the parks, which mean that the park boundary and land is always under threat of being grabbed.

On a brighter note, there are conservation projects that have been set up to help protect Tsavo, it’s surrounding conservation areas and the wildlife, on which Kenya prides itself. As a tourist, local or international, it’s important to support and get involved in such efforts to conserve the natural world. Visiting the Tsavo Conservancy and staying Ndovu house; is just one of the more relaxing and effortless ways you can give back to conservation, while escaping the realities of your daily life.


The road to Tsavo Conservancy is 30 kilometers after Voi (if you’re driving from Nairobi to Mombasa) and Ndovu House is about 15 kilometers from the main road into the conservancy, though it feels like you’re a lot further away from a busy highway. The sounds of the bush surround Ndovu House and the thick bush of Tsavo gives the impression you are days away from any form of civilization.

Ndovu House is set alongside (but slightly away from) the Tsavo Conservancy buildings (classrooms, offices and demonstration rooms). All of the buildings have been constructed from natural local materials found on site. Ndovu House has an open-plan design, which makes the entire house very airy. Lots of sofas, cushions and big comfortable chairs make it easy to unwind and relax surrounded by nature. Watch your step in the evenings though, as you may come across the odd scorpion getting the last heat from the mazeras stone paths.

There are knowledgeable staff members on hand to assist you throughout your stay. They assist with everything in the house from food preparation to cleaning. We preferred to cook for ourselves, but the Ndovu House team was always on hand to assist with preparation and anything else that we needed.

The kitchen area of the house in the backdrop of the fire pit
The kitchen area of the house in the backdrop of the fire pit

The drive to Mombasa from Nairobi has become a tedious journey for many, and until the road improves, an overnight stop on the way there and back makes the journey a lot more pleasant; adds a little adventure to your trip and on the way back to Nairobi, delays that ‘back to real life’ feeling that always makes the return to Nairobi by road a somber trip.

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  1. Hi Michael,

    While simultaneously maligning your calendar competition on FB 🙂 I also came across your blog. Awesome stuff man, I have gone through all the articles and really enjoyed them. Some great practical advise on there and exposure about some of the places not often talked about.

    Please keep writing and sharing with us. In hindsight I might have been too quick to judge, best of luck with the competition!

    1. Thanks Kenyan Camper,
      Happy to get such feedback and always enjoy reading your posts as well.
      Great to share lesser known properties and places in Kenya. No need for them to remain so secret and exclusive.
      I’m away at the moment, but hopefully we can meet up some time.

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