Bunson CSR Supported Tree-nursery

The 4K Club gathered around one of the Chestnut seedling beds

 Having completed our third tree-nursery at Naro Moru Primary in conjunction with the Mount Kenya Trust, the potential reach and impact these nurseries will have continues to grow and astounds Bunson CSR. Naro Moru primary is a government run school that faces the numerous challenges that all Kenya Government schools face, namely a lack of resources. Though outside the radius of school we have worked with, Naro Moru Primary is an ideal school for such a tree-nursery given the semi-arid climate and lack of apparent tree nurseries throughout the town.

The tree nursery at Naro Moru primary school has been greatly anticipated not only by the teachers and students but also by the general population of Naro Moru. Due to the lack of tree nurseries in Naro Moru, not only will the tree-nursery benefit the school, children, and teachers, but also stands to be an enterprise for the school and in turn benefit the local community as a source of trees, much needed greenery and a source of knowledge in this semi-arid climate.

The success of this (and the others) nursery is not and cannot be down to Mount Kenya Trust, simply for sustainability purposes. Naro Moru Primary already had an environmental class, the 4K Club, and over the past year have been allocated 2 very dedicated volunteers. It is these volunteers that have taken the idea of the nursery and dedicated a lot of their time and energy to seeing it set up. The passion they have for the nursery and the environment has been transmitted to the students of the 4K Club and there are already some very dedicated students and teachers who spend their free time and time on the weekends working in the nursery and now around the school grounds.

Along with the set-up of the nursery, one of the first parts of the project that was implemented was the setting up of an agroforestry plot, where fast growing Casuarina Pine trees have been planted in amongst the vegetables planted for use by the school kitchen. At 7 months old, the pine trees are already 1 meter high!

The agro-forestry lot

In this dry climate, the biggest challenge the school has faced with regards to maintaining their vegetable garden is water. The ground is generally hard and dry around Naro Moru, and when it rains it rains hard for a short period and stops; flooding fields and gardens with the run off water, but ultimately leaving the ground as it was. Part of the nursery was setting up a 5,000-litre water tank and guttering on some of the school buildings to harvest the rain that does fall, for use in the nursery as well as in the vegetable gardens. Since the tank was installed, it has been replenished with the rains and has not run dry!

In order for a tree-nursery to reach it’s full potential, not only must it benefit the immediate community (Naro Moru Primary), but also act as a form of income for that community and become a resource for the greater community it sits in.

We have no doubts that this tree-nursery at Naro Moru Primary School will not only benefit the school but the entire town and reach further to the children’s hometowns and families.

In the 2-months the nursery has been operational, a teacher at the school has set up his own nursery in his hometown!

Hongera Naro Moru Primary School and the 4K Club!

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