About me

I’m Michael Scott, an Operations Director at Bunson Travel Service Limited by Profession and an avid adventure traveler, lover of fishing, wild spaces, oceans, 4×4’s and motorbikes, a surfer, sports fanatic and a passion of reading by nature.

I have an inexorable heart with an austere case of wanderlust. I am the kind of person that while on an existing travailing excursions, is already preparing for the next adventure. I continuously wonder where the path or track leads to, or what’s over the edge, and what life would be like in other motherlands. I praise my family for having given me the gift of traveling from the time I was born. As a result of this and my Mother being a proficient in this industry, I have been gifted to experience diverse parts of the world and all it has to offer from a young age. I have a fire in my bones with an urge for exploring Kenya and eyeing for new exhilarating properties, activities and excursions, and with this desire I have provided Bunson Travel to offer a truly exceptional experience to the leisure explorer wanting an authentic Kenyan Safari.

For my part I attribute my family’s love of diverse cultures, travel, and the outdoors as the birthplace of my aspiration for travel and adventure. I have a profound love and admiration for the outdoors. It can be simply described as my gym. I become alive exploring alien roads and experiencing new cultures. I am a road tripping 4×4 fanatic who loves to explore any new place. I ride every wave like its my last. In the song Take a Back Road by Rodney Atkins he sings ‘wanna get lost and get right with my soul, wanna take a back road’ this is my principal guiding viewpoint. I have not only been restricted to just exploring Kenya, but furthermore had the honor to experience various motherlands and beliefs around the world, from urban places to the jagged wild spaces, from isolated Indonesian islands to finding the perfect waves to ride in Pulau Sambu to visiting the tremendous metropolises of the world.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with Bunson Travel and have magnificent friends, family and my associated outdoor creature buddies with whom I share my pleasing voyages and recollections alongside the way. You only live once, and thus I make sure to spend every single day to the fullest. Moreover, with every journey in my life there has to be humor, because according to Anne Wilson Schaef, humor is only for people who want to have fun, enjoy life and feel alive.

My blog therefore gives you an insight into the numerous places I have visited, from unique viewpoints of leisure and or business and will arouse you that no matter where you go, there is always something for you.