Escape the World

We all dream of escaping the world from time-to-time. Somewhere with no Wi-Fi, no mobile network, no people, no vehicles…just you and the people you travelled with. Whenever we think of these destinations ours minds are taken to a country far away, or deserted island and yet, as Kenyan’s we don’t have to look much further than our own backyard… Kenya. Continue reading RUTUNDU LOG CABINS


New in Town? Explore Nairobi

Nairobi is the bustling hub of East Africa and one of the fastest growing cities in Africa and yet still manages to retain the cultural and wildlife that makes The Green City in The Sun so beautiful and charming. Development always comes at a cost to the environment and Nairobi has lost some of the green space we once enjoyed, but it has also managed to maintain much of it and in turn the cultural heritage that attracted adventurers and tourists over a century ago and continues to do so today. Continue reading NAIROBI FOR THE NEWBIE

NDOVU HOUSE, Tsavo Conservancy

Wildlife Works

Both Tsavo West and Tsavo East are under a huge amount of pressure from all aspects. Making up the largest of Kenya’s National Parks, neither of the parks are fenced which means pastoralists often graze their cattle in the parks (and often poach bush meat to sustain themselves). The development of Kenya’ s infrastructure has not accounted for the movement of our game and therefore the new Standard Gauge Railway and Pipeline threatens to block migratory game corridors between Tsavo West and Tsavo East. There are large agricultural projects that border the parks, which mean that the park boundary and land is always under threat of being grabbed. Continue reading NDOVU HOUSE, Tsavo Conservancy


Kweisos House, Homa Lime, Koru

We live in such a beautifully diverse country that offers such a vast range of destinations, all completely different but intimately connected through the proud heritage that has made Kenya a world famous tourist destination. Kweisos House is a hidden gem, and if you have never heard of it or come across it, you wouldn’t know such a place exists. A friend of a friend was kind enough to unearth this gem and all it has to offer. Continue reading A RUGGED FATHERS DAY

Wellness in the Wilderness

The Newly Renovated Finch Hattons – Tsavo West

The traditional safari is redefining itself and the renovated, scaled down Finch Hattons is at the forefront of that transformation. Sitting in a Land Cruiser for hours on end, looking for game has lost its appeal for many of us that regularly visit the bush. Most people generally don’t mind going on one game drive a day and spending the rest of their time relaxing around the camp or lodge or engaging in other activities such as nature walks, conservation talks and any other activities the property may offer. Continue reading Wellness in the Wilderness

Elephant Bedroom for the ladies we love

Elephant Bedroom, or EB as many refer to it, remains one of the most magical safari camps in Kenya. From the location, to the tents (raised on stilts), to cooling off in the plunge pools (one on the deck of every tent), to the wildlife encounters, to the food… They have understood their product and the environment that surrounds the property, to delivery a truly special experience that leaves you wanting to go back over and over again. With Mothers Day just around the corner, why not spoil your mother with a long weekend away at Elephant Bedroom, whether you send her with her friends, or accompany her on a relaxing weekend, EB truly allows you to switch off, be pampered and reconnect with nature. Continue reading Elephant Bedroom for the ladies we love

The Other Side Of Mida Creek – Watamu

The Mida Creek is always buzzing with a host of watersports and activity, but it tends to serve as the ‘city’ limit for Watamu. Anything south of Mida Creek may as well be Kilifi for the majority of people visiting Watamu, and in between the two towns, there really is not very much in terms of accessible tourist accommodation, just the odd hidden gem you hear about through a friend. This all changed in a last minute search for a New Years house, by some friends and I. We found Nyumba Kavunjeni. Not easily accessible, with challenging coral tracks, a lack of sign posts, no other houses around (just a small fishing village), and no sight of the house until you are at the gate. On a public but very quiet secluded beach, Nyumba Kavunjeni is a gem, in its own right. Continue reading The Other Side Of Mida Creek – Watamu

The Travel Cheat Sheet For 2016

Happy New Year! 2016 could not have come any sooner and with it, all the promise a new year holds. Travel is no different, and the New Year brings with it the promise of being able to visit and see all those places you wanted to, but couldn’t. The tourism industry in Kenya is slowly adapting with more of our properties realizing the value of the resident market and re-adjusting their camp/lodge/hotel to cater to that market. Kenya is blessed with vast diversity across culture, climate, and geography giving our tourism sector a diverse product, however you must be willing to tap into your sense of adventure and experience different aspects, cultures and discover new parts of Kenya. Continue reading The Travel Cheat Sheet For 2016


Off the beaten track

2015 has been a challenging but interesting year for travel and that has been no different in Kenya. World travel trends are changing across all sectors of the travel industry mainly due to the state of the ‘weakening’ global economy. The ability to travel is a privilege afforded to a few of us and the state of the world should not change that. It may mean we have to redefine our tastes, but all that really means is you get to explore new countries OR explore your own country from a whole different perspective. Continue reading 2015’s TOP 5 KENYAN DESTINATIONS

Tranquil Tsavo East

The drive from Nairobi to Mombasa is long, even at the best of times. If you’re headed up to the North Coast (Kilifi, Watamu, Malindi or further north), doing the drive in a day is possible, but exhausting. Much like Tsavo West though, Tsavo East offers a welcome overnight stop on the long drive from Nairobi, and if you’re planning on visiting the North Coast the road through Tsavo East (from Voi) also gives you the option to continue onwards to Malindi directly from Tsavo East, away from the hustle and bustle of the Mombasa – Nairobi highway and ensures you avoid the Mariakani/Mombasa madness that can sometimes add a few hours onto your journey.

Continue reading Tranquil Tsavo East