Blues and Chutney, Usa River, Tanzania

Blues and Chutney has always been a popular stop for adventurers on their way or from Mt. Kilimanjaro. However, situated very conveniently between Arusha and Kilimanjaro International Airport, Blues and Chutney is so much more than just a stop. We live in a period where modern finishes and technology tend to dictate the accommodation standards however, the traditional style that Blues and Chutney beholds is more unique and understatedly luxurious than the various newly built hotels and guesthouses down the road in Arusha.

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23 October 2016

The annual team building weekend at Bunson Travel is always highly anticipated by all and given the big drive from Bunson CSR in 2016, with regards to tree planting efforts through our partners at the Mt. Kenya trust, the 2016 team building event presented the opportunity to get involved in tree planting projects at the property we visited (Great Rift Valley Lodge – GRVL), one we support in our business. Behind GRVL, as you continue to climb further up the hill, you will get to the Forest Reserve of Eburru Forest.



You don’t have to drive too far

We all admit that we live in a diverse and beautiful country in Kenya, but when you ask anyone living here about any places they might recommend visiting, a short drive from Nairobi, people don’t generally give you more than the standard Naivasha weekend trip. There is a perception that everything other than Nairobi is simply too far away or the common Kenyan excuse; the roads are too busy (AKA traffic). Whilst you can fly to a lot of places in Kenya, there are some places that still require a short drive to get to them, as there is no airfield nearby. Continue reading “CASTLE FOREST”


Bunson CSR Supported Tree-nursery

9th September 2016

Bunson CSR, through it’s partners at the Mount Kenya Trust, continues its tree-planting drive in the effort to off-set ours and our clients carbon footprints while re-planting and protecting Kenya’s forests. The outreach of this partnership has expanded with the opening of a tree-nursery at the Ngushishi Secondary School, above Timau, on the slopes of Mt. Kenya. Ngushishi is the second such partnership that Bunson CSR is involved with (the first being Sirimon School Nursery, which continues to grow successfully). Along with the launch of the nursery at Ngushishi School was the launch of the One Tree Per Child initiative, being supported by another one of MKT’s partners, CHASE Africa UK.           


A Refreshing Change

Amboseli Bush Camp (ABC) makes for a refreshing change to the standard hotels, resorts, camps and lodges that pop up around Kenya faster than we can keep up with. Though the word camp is in the property name, Amboseli Bush Camp is not quite a lodge and not quite a camp. This truly unique blend of camp and lodge is located just outside Amboseli National Park on the same conservancy as Satao Elerai. Amboseli Bush Camp makes for a perfect weekend getaway for those of us stuck in Nairobi, but 1 night will only leave you wanting more. Continue reading “AMBOSELI BUSH CAMP”


Escape the World

We all dream of escaping the world from time-to-time. Somewhere with no Wi-Fi, no mobile network, no people, no vehicles…just you and the people you travelled with. Whenever we think of these destinations ours minds are taken to a country far away, or deserted island and yet, as Kenyan’s we don’t have to look much further than our own backyard… Kenya. Continue reading “RUTUNDU LOG CABINS”


New in Town? Explore Nairobi

Nairobi is the bustling hub of East Africa and one of the fastest growing cities in Africa and yet still manages to retain the cultural and wildlife that makes The Green City in The Sun so beautiful and charming. Development always comes at a cost to the environment and Nairobi has lost some of the green space we once enjoyed, but it has also managed to maintain much of it and in turn the cultural heritage that attracted adventurers and tourists over a century ago and continues to do so today. Continue reading “NAIROBI FOR THE NEWBIE”

NDOVU HOUSE, Tsavo Conservancy

Wildlife Works

Both Tsavo West and Tsavo East are under a huge amount of pressure from all aspects. Making up the largest of Kenya’s National Parks, neither of the parks are fenced which means pastoralists often graze their cattle in the parks (and often poach bush meat to sustain themselves). The development of Kenya’ s infrastructure has not accounted for the movement of our game and therefore the new Standard Gauge Railway and Pipeline threatens to block migratory game corridors between Tsavo West and Tsavo East. There are large agricultural projects that border the parks, which mean that the park boundary and land is always under threat of being grabbed. Continue reading “NDOVU HOUSE, Tsavo Conservancy”


Kweisos House, Homa Lime, Koru

We live in such a beautifully diverse country that offers such a vast range of destinations, all completely different but intimately connected through the proud heritage that has made Kenya a world famous tourist destination. Kweisos House is a hidden gem, and if you have never heard of it or come across it, you wouldn’t know such a place exists. A friend of a friend was kind enough to unearth this gem and all it has to offer. Continue reading “A RUGGED FATHERS DAY”

Wellness in the Wilderness

The Newly Renovated Finch Hattons – Tsavo West

The traditional safari is redefining itself and the renovated, scaled down Finch Hattons is at the forefront of that transformation. Sitting in a Land Cruiser for hours on end, looking for game has lost its appeal for many of us that regularly visit the bush. Most people generally don’t mind going on one game drive a day and spending the rest of their time relaxing around the camp or lodge or engaging in other activities such as nature walks, conservation talks and any other activities the property may offer. Continue reading “Wellness in the Wilderness”